The solution for the professional management of irrigation and fertigation

Adjust your fertigation actions with our agronomic studies and the information provided by our software. This way you can optimize the availability of water and fertilizer and get the most out of the crop.

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How does Modpow AgriTechnologies work?

Infogrpahics of How does Modpow AgriTechnologies work?

Our solution is suitable for many crops

Vegetables in soil
Olive grove and nuts
Fruit trees
Vineyard and table grape
Soilless culture and nurseries
Ornamental plants

Information, control and precision

Obtain data on the hydric status and the positioning of the nutrients in the soil of the crop. This information helps you in making decisions at the most strategic moments of the campaign.

The main benefits:

Get a historical record of the results
Adjust the duration and frequency of irrigations
Create a correct dry-wet curve
Speed up / hold / slow down the crop
Control limiting factors
Usando las sondas de ModpoW AgriTech en situ
Software de ModpoW AggriTechnologies

Always up to date, get information on each action

You will be able to consult from any device all the data collected.

What say those who are current ModpoW clients?

  • Jose Antonio Blanquer

I had an initial demo and I was surprised at how easy and fast it is to get measurements

With other systems it takes even up to a week to get the results. In addition, thanks to the application, I have an accurate record of nutrient levels that has allowed me to detect excesses and unmet fertilization needs.

Jose Antonio Blanquer
Chief of production in Viveros Galbis
  • Francisco Boronat

By adjusting the nutrients, we obtained excellent cherries!

We are cherry producers. We had soft fruit and bad postharvest. When we began to measure the available nutrients, we realized that we provided high doses of potassium and that calcium levels were extremely low. By adjusting the nutrients, we obtained excellent cherries! By adjusting the nutrients, we obtained excellent cherries!

Francisco Boronat
Responsible for cherry and peach farm
  • Francesc Dachs

Thanks to constant monitoring the crop develops as expected

Our almond tree farm was planted in saline-sodium soils with high electrical conductivity. Thanks to constant conductivity monitoring we have managed to keep salinity in an acceptable range.

Francesc Dachs
Responsible for walnut and almond trees with more than 10 years of experience
  • Vicente Navarro

The system is very easy to use

Without being a nutritionist, we can tell if the fertilizer is 30 cm or 60 cm just by observing the colour of the solution.

Vicente Navarro
Producer of the community of irrigators of San Cristobal
  • Jose Maruenda

I always had doubts about the dose of fertilizer I had to apply

Thanks to the ModpoW AgriTechnologies Probes, with a weekly measurement of the soil solution, I increase or decrease the amount of fertilizer, as appropriate.

José Marhuenda
Producer of more than 125 hectares of olives in Albacete
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