MATAI: the Artificial Intelligence project of ModpoW AgriTechnologies

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Digitalization, automation and artificial learning for agriculture

Since 2015, ModpoW AgriTechnolgies offers SaaS (Software as a Service) services for irrigation and plant nutrition management in professional farms. Since these services are enabled by hardware (water, salinity, temperature sensors, ...) a lot of information has been continuously collected on irrigation or soil types, among other data. This large amount of data is the basis for offering better services to our clients through digitization, automation and artificial learning. The development of these new services is called MATAI: ModpoW AgriTechnologies Artificial Intelligence.

La inteligencia artificial aplicada a la agronomía
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how did it start?

The MATAI project was born from combining agronomy with new software technologies

The ModpoW AgriTechnolgies R&D team, which is made up of agricultural, computer and electronics engineers, started the MATAI project in mid-2019. This was the start of research into algorithms, mathematical models, and data analysis relevant to professional agricultural production. The vision of this project is to offer advanced ICT tools to the ModpoW AgriTechnologies division team and also to all their clients.

The goals of the MATAI project

Modeling of irrigation and fertigation
Automatic calculation of irrigation and fertigation variables
Automation of irrigation and fertigation recommendations

How does MATAI work?

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MATAI Data Science

The MATAI Data Science tool allows us to mathematically interpret irrigation thanks to the large amount of data, when we apply computing. With the mathematical model of irrigation, this tool can interpret any irrigation automatically and provide us with its field capacity, permanent wilting point or infiltration rate.

MATAI Data Science
Software MATAI Analyzer

MATAI Analyzer

The MATAI Analyzer tool allows ModpoW AgriTechnologies agronomists to work with real data from our clients and offer them higher quality services. This tool integrates the mathematical model of irrigation with data from sensors installed on farms. In addition, it also allows adding other crop data such as soil analysis.

Results of the MATAI project

From the beginning, the research focused on data analysis and mathematical modeling of irrigation. In this phase of the project, advanced software development techniques were combined with the agronomic knowledge of the ModpoW AgriTechnologies team.

Several iterations were necessary to progress in the mathematical model of irrigation, in addition to multiple simulations with the large amount of irrigation data that is stored in the MopoW AgriTechnolgies cloud.

As a result of this research, MATAI Data Science and MATAI Analyzer software tools were developed. These tools are the foundation of the MATAI artificial intelligence project and the way to go for future developments.

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